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This article is brought to you by Allan Bush at CIBC Wood Gundy Waterloo

Within the past week, Tri-County Thunder’s Kendra Vanleeuwen (Gr. 11) made a verbal commitment to her number one choice, George Washington University. Their women’s basketball program is currently ranked 19th in the country. This was her first choice.


Kendra lead the St. Johns team to a second place finish at OFSSA this year also with being selected as a CWOSSA all star during her high school play. She has represented both Ontario and Canada with her basketball talents. Noting that the highlight of her career to date was competing against international stars in the Czech Republic.

Kendra now is a key player on the Tri-County Thunder JUEL team, and has been playing with the Wright Twins for the past 3 years.

She is thankful the calibre of talent and play in the JUEL league as well as coaching expertise provided by none other than Tri-County’s Craig Nickel.


After finishing the season strong for the Tri-County Thunder girls program she looks forward to giving it all she has at the Canadian National Team tryouts.

The Tri-County program is proud of all of their players and their commitments to their personal development. It is our pleasure to celebrate this verbal agreement with Kendra and support her as she continues to improve within the Tri-County program.