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This article is brought to you by Allan Bush at CIBC Wood Gundy Waterloo

Tri-County Thunder is proud to announce that Maya Day will be attending Wilfrid Laurier University and playing for the Golden Hawks.

Though Maya went to visit other Universities she admits that it was, “alway Laurier.” When she seriously started considering where she would attend University she was quickly attracted to Laurier’s culture, great educators, small campus, and basketball program. Not to mention, it is close to home. Though proximity can often be overlooked, she says, for her it was another great reason to commit to WLU.

She is looking forward to complimenting Paul Falco’s team and taking on the role he has planed for her. Maya is currently a hard worker and defensive factor the Tri-County Thunder and she looks forward to bring that edge to the Golden Hawks.

Maya will be studying health science and one day wants to practice as a nurse.

The Gold Hawks are currently 9-11 headed into the playoffs next week.