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This article is brought to you by Allan Bush at CIBC Wood Gundy Waterloo

This past summer, Tri-County Thunder alumni, Julia Curran, travelled to Malika, Senegal, to empower young women through sports programs and provide them with feminine hygiene kits supplied by Days for Girls.

More specifically, Julia had the opportunity to run reproductive health educational sessions and distributed 291 Days for Girls feminine hygiene kits throughout Senegal. This also included creating events fostering cultural exchange, which resulted in a competitive and fun basketball clinic focused on the empowerment of girls through sports.

It was during those clinics that she experienced their memorable pregame warm-up. Before the start of any game, coaches and players would sing and dance together in a large circle.

“Definitely the best basketball warm-up I have ever been a part of!”

Most importantly, Julia returned home with a deeper appreciation for diversity of the world and developed a love for sharing culture. She encourages any aspiring travelling to take the step to gain global experience. She notes that it brings people closer together and enriches your life.

“Connecting with women across the world fosters a global mindset that brings out the good in humanity.”

Currently studying Psychology at Western University, she plans to continue her education to work in the health or mental health field. She aspires to enjoy a fulfilling career that offers her the opportunity to continue to volunteer her skills around the world where there is a need.

“Through basketball, I have acquired the drive, confidence and perseverance to pursue my goals, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to share that with the incredible girls I met in Senegal.”

On behalf of former coach Allan Bush at CIBC Waterloo, the Tri-County Thunder basketball program is very proud of Julia’s philanthropic initiative and we look forward to seeing her continue to make an impact with her generous ambitions both with those in her community and around the world.