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This article is brought to you by Allan Bush at CIBC Wood Gundy Waterloo

Tri-County Thunder Alumni, Tatjana Boskovic is in full stride at the University of Guelph studying Business/Commerce.

Though her Tri-County Thunder career came to an end upon graduation in 2018, she acknowledges that this program prepared her for post-secondary competition.

My Tri-County team was very skilled and we always challenged each other to be better players. This made it easier for me when playing at the next level because I was already used to playing with and against great players.

Now at the University of Guelph, she has seen tremendous gains.

My hard work throughout the season built my way up from playing few minutes a game to seeing a significant increase in minutes.

In high school, Tatjana intentionally prepared to the best of her ability for the new lifestyle of a varsity student-athlete based on what older peers had shared with her.

She has continued to learn that consistency is the key to being successful.

In order to succeed academically and in your sport as you must build your own schedule that includes your schoolwork, eating well and training. This will put you in a rhythm of being productive and improves performance in all aspects of your life.

With great understanding, Tatjana shares that:

My advice to future student-athletes would be to understand the difficulty of the next level prior to committing to the process. As a student-athlete at the varsity level, you are expected to commit a lot more time and energy towards your sport. You will be growing as a player for years and your time to ‘shine’ will eventually come. Be prepared for the ups and downs and don’t always be so hard and compare yourself to the players who have been on the team for two, three or four more years than you. Success at the next level is a process.

Going into the 2019-2020 season, she is most looking forward to playing hard with a talented team full of potential. She is confident in her team’s abilities with a very deep bench.

I can not wait to see where our hard work takes us this season.

On behalf of your Tri-County family and Allan Bush at CIBC Wood Gundy in Waterloo, all the best in your upcoming 2019-2020 season!