The Tri-County Thunder girls basketball program competes in the Juel League of Ontario. The Tri-County franchise develops talent from Kitchener-Waterloo, Brantford, and Guelph.

The Tri-County Thunder program competes in the Juel League of Ontario. A program established to develop competitive players and deliver a platform to be scouted to compete in a post-secondary institution both across the country and internationally.

JUEL League Accomplishments:

2011 – Finished Second & Won League Consolation
2012 – Finished Third & Forth in the League
2013 – Tied for Fifth in League
2014 – Head Coach, Craig Nickel, Coach of the Year
2014 – Finished Second in the League
Juel Prep Finished Tied for 5th in the League
2015 – League Champions (24 – 2 Regular Season Record)
Juel Prep Finished 3rd in the League
Juel Prep All Academic Team
2016 – Juel Finished Second in the League (15 – 4)
Juel Prep Finished 3rd in the League (17 – 2)
2017 – Juel Finished Second in the League
2018 – Juel Finished Second in the League (20 – 2)

Players within this program demand attention from local basketball post-secondary institutions and attract inquiries from coaches and scouts south of the border.

Not only does this program promote skill development to enable athletic opportunity, but it also guides the athletes through the process of recruitment both nationally and within the NCAA standards.

This club also offers a Juel Prep team and a competitive summer travel program, which has made tournament appearances in North Carolina, Arizona, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, New York, and Ohio.

Skills camps are hosted throughout the year and run by guest coaches from the women’s basketball program at Windsor, Ontario, Acadia, Nova Scotia, and Memorial, Newfoundland.

Alumni from this program have achieved recognition within their post-secondary programs and continue to impact the leagues they progress in as they build on the skill development that was established within the Tri-County Thunder girls basketball club.